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CCamp Cherokee exists as a summer camp ministry because of the passion of leaders and of individuals who have experienced God’s blessing through Camp Cherokee. Camp ministry provides a unique opportunity by providing a place of God-centered spirituality, growing community, engaging activities, and caring staff. The leadership at Camp Cherokee are continually thankful to individuals who see the vision of camp ministry and give time and money to make the mission of Camp Cherokee successful.

Camp Cherokee is operated as a non-profit under the New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and any financial donations are tax-deductible and a receipt is provided upon request.

How to Support

Sponsor a Camper
Donate to the Wishlist
Volunteer at a Work Camp
Bring a Friend to Camp
Tell Others about Cherokee
Search the Internet on GoodSearch

Sponsor a Camper

Each year, numerous children express a desire to attend camp but lack the financial means. Due to the support of generous donors, dozens of campers are able to attend camp each year through our “Sponsor a Camper” fund. Our desire is to make summer camp available to all who wish to attend and we thank each individual who has contributed to help children across New York experience God at Camp Cherokee.

Donate to the Cherokee Wishlist

At Cherokee, we have numerous projects and needed supplies that we are working towards. A donation of any amount towards any of these projects helps Cherokee in monumental ways!
Remodling the Girl’s Bathhouse – $50,000
($46,000/$50,000) The girl’s bathhouse is in the middle of a complete renovation with new flooring, walls, stalls, sinks, and showers.


Replace Hilltop 1 (Birch) – $50,000
($48,000/$50,000) In an effort to renovate and modernize our cabins, Hilltop 1 (renamed Birch) will be completely rebuilt to match the new Roost and Hemlock cabins featuring 6 bunk beds and 2 counselor quarters with a queen bed.


Dust Vac System for Maintenance Shop – about $1,000
($0/about $1,000) To help keep the maintenance shop clean, we would like to get a brand new Dust Vac System.


10 Benches – $60 each
(2/10 Benches) These benches will be placed throughout the camp grounds to provide opportunities for rest, community, and enjoying the scenery!


Microwave for Kitchen – $160
($0/$160) Any kitchen is not a proper kitchen without a microwave. Because of the amount of use our kitchen gets throughout the summer, we want to have the best equipment possible–including an industrial microwave.


Professional Air Compressor – $800
($0/$800) Properly filled tires are important! There are many tires around camp that need to be kept at optimum PSI and a new air compressor should do the trick.


Dump Trailer/Truck – $8,000
($0/$8,000) With all of the new construction around camp, we are needing a lot of dirt, rocks, and fill. Right now each load costs about $800, but that cost could be quickly saved if we had our own dump trailer or single axel dump truck!


Custom-made seat/back cushions for Chapel – $3,000
($1,000/$3,000) We are so thankful for the new floor in the chapel. To match the new floors, we want to get new cushions for the benches to make our chapel look that much better.


Volunteer at a Work Camp

Twice a year, Camp Cherokee hosts a work camp weekend to help open and close camp. Camp opens on Memorial Day in May and closes on Columbus Day in October. These weekends are critical to the ministry of camp and is not possible without the volunteers that come each year. Each work weekend, we have numerous projects and tasks ongoing from cleaning up cabins to remodeling and building the newest cabin.

Lodging and meals are free to volunteers. Come join for Sabbath church service and fellowship and stay the weekend to help Cherokee.

See Camp Work Weekend Dates

2020 Projects:
  • Clean up around construction of Birch (formerly Hilltop 1)
  • Clean up around construction of girl’s bathhouse
  • Landscaping around construction
  • Paint siding of Birch Cabin
  • Polyurethane inside panels of Birch
  • Tree Cutting & Clearing
  • Lots of firewood to stack
Memorial Day Tasks
  • Put up camp signs
  • Clean the cafeteria, chapel, kitchen, and cabins
  • Rake leaves and clear brush
  • Weeding, gardening, and beautifying the camp
  • Cutting and stacking firewood
  • Open and clean the pool
  • Set out activity equipment from storage and clean activity areas
  • Attach waterfront docks and place canoes and kayaks
  • Clear horse trails
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors
Columbus Day Tasks
  • Put away camp signs
  • Clean and winterize kitchen and cabins
  • Stack firewood
  • Drain and close pool
  • Organize and prepare activity equipment for storage
  • Detach docks and remove water equipment

Bring a Friend to Camp

Camp is fantastic for making new friends and reuniting with old friends. Encourage all of your friends to join you at camp this next summer. As a bonus, if you bring a friend with you who has never been to Cherokee before, you will receive a discount on your camp fee!

Cherokee is a place for friends!

Tell Your Friends

One of the best ways to support Cherokee is to share with others what Cherokee means to you. Did you have a great experience at camp? Share about your favorite activities! Did you have a spiritual experience at camp? Share how you experienced God at Cherokee! 

Don’t forget to share about your experience on our Facebook Group, we love hearing about your favorite parts of your experience at Cherokee.

Search the Internet using GoodSearch

“Googling” is something that everyone does many times a day! Instead of using Google, consider using GoodSearch, a Yahoo-powered search platform that donates $.01 for every search you make to the charity of your choice. Make GoodSearch your homepage and support Camp Cherokee with every Internet search you make!

(NOTE: You are required to make an account with GoodShop/GoodSearch to name a charity to donate to. This is a simple and easy process, and we thank those who support Cherokee through searching online!